Artistname: Zerotonine
Born: 23-04-1972
Nationality: Dutch Birthname: Xavier Dusee
Zerotonine (02NINE) is a dutch EDM producer from Tilburg. A place very close to Breda where we all know great things emerged on the EDM front from the likes of artists like Tiesto & Hardwell. Zerotonine started his musical adventure decades ago now on an old PC using Fasttracker like every student did back in the days just playing around with samples and stuff.
As a self taught man he dove into the online world of music creation since the EDM ecosystem and digital daws really took flight. In 2011 he really put his mind & his creative dedication and most importantly his heart to work and came in with force releasing his first track ‘Blackout’ back in 2016 which dropped on all commercial streaming services around the globe. His first release on Beatport called ‘BackSlash’ (Stell Recordings) was a fact on the 10th of January 2017.
Producing his way up, influenced by the beats of KHSMR, Hardwell,Jordy Dazz and lots more, he creates new fusion vibes by combining styles en genres, and uses his own signature sound design elements in all of his productions.
Learning Mixing, Mastering and the EQ tricks of the trade by himself via twitch and youtube streams from guru’s like KSHMR, Jordy Dazz, Zen World and collaborates with lots of close friends in the industry he produces tracks in his go-to genres: Bigroom Festival, Progressive House, Techno & Trance.

IGNORE THE NOISE JUST KEEP PUSHING Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living in the future.

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“The sounds we like are remembered vividly”
Xavier Dusee, EDM Producer