IONA is a word of Greek origin, whose meaning is strength, mind and style unique and independent. This project is individual and emerged with the purpose of promoting Trance Music in Mexico, beginning with my home state, Jalisco. Personally IONA symbolizes the nobility, humility and shrewd personality, making each idealization an accomplishment, in this case Trance music. My style is positioned in Uplifting Trance, TechTrance and Progressive Trance.

Victor Macedo a.k.a. IONA, 23 years old, from Guadalajara, Jalisco. The world of electronic music struck me because of its wide range of styles and subgenres, I started to get involved since 2008 in the production of my own material. My desire at that moment was to transmit through music the same feelings that I heard it, one day watching TV I discovered the genre Trance and decided to investigate more about it. I looked for songs similar to the first ones I heard, each one of those songs produced in me a wave of emotions from sadness, joy, to euphoria. I made the decision to create my own way by using different software based on music libraries to express myself in some way.

The track that marked a before and after in my life was Carte Blanche de Veracocha. Music has been fundamental in my life, Life offers all kinds of opportunities and one of the most significant was that from an early age I had the opportunity to learn to play the piano, because a friend of the family fostered in me the passion for music.

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Genre: Trance