About Us

First and foremost, we are lovers of great music. Everyone on our team brings something unique to the table. Allowing us to think outside the box in a very competitive marketplace, establishing new bonds of friendship with Artists and bringing their work to the eyes of the entire world. More importantly to us, is treating them like actual people that we respect and wish to see the Art they are creating grow into something wonderful.

We interact with our Artist’s on a personal level, help tracks become more refined, provide critic and support with exciting remix opportunities from some of our more established producers.  We provide FREE professional sound mastering for all of our releases.

We are even BOLD enough to say on our own website that we pay Artists 70% of all net income from these sources that we have established agreements with on all of our stores directly to the Artist! This is top rate in the music Industry.

Do not let our name deceive you, we are a record label with more!

If you feel you would fit on our Team, please send us a email via the Contact page.

-Kinzel CEO

“It takes amazing people to make amazing things happen!”